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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  April 26, 2011 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ [laughter] craig: there wasn't any attempt at joke there. the cat farts. if you made it this far on the show, first of all, i'm sorry. and secondly, i probably should translate the conversation i had with kevin. basically what happened is that he came out and said, this place is beautifully lit and i said thank you, kevin. it's the most expensive place cbs has got. i was lying to him. anyway, we got through the show tonight which is something of a miracle like every other -- uh-oh -- day.
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however, i would like to apologize for swearing this evening. i'd like to but i'm not going -- crikey dingo -- to. i feel like i was provoked beyond any reasonable behavior by the complete contempt by my friend over there michael who said please try not to swear so much. it's really pissing them upstairs. i said you've got it, my friend. or words to that effect. good night, everybody.
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. other police were just juming him. beating him. >> chaos at the national zoo. families run for safety after a mob of teenagers beat and stab a victim. he screamed at me it's none
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of your f'ing business and punched me in the face. >> now the woman who tried to stop it tells how it all went down. we're having people killing themselves and others over video games. >> also, adults with a fatal addiction to video games. this is 9news now. >> a teenager in serious condition tonight after he was attacked and stabbed inside the national zoo. >> and today's violence brings back terrible memories for folks who witnessed a shooting at the zoo 11 years ago during the same easter monday celebration. delia gongalves has been following the story all day. >> reporter: police are still looinging for looking for the culprits in this case, even though earlier today the zoo police said they had someone in custody. however, metropolitan police are now telling us no arrested have been made. also more confusion. folks told us they were evacuated from the zoo. however, zoo officials are now
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telling us a different story. while officials with the national zoo say they never shut down and evacuated visitors, our cameras clearly showed dozens of people leaving zoo grounds after the fight. dc police on the streets new police at the gate. >> i was feeling sorry. >> reporter: it was just after 3:00 in the afternoon, the zoo was at capacity with more than 25,000 visitors when police say a group of 15 teenagers attacked another. stabbing him in the arm, elbow and side. >> they were just jumping him. they were just beating him. >> at some point the stabbing victim left the grounds of the zoo and possibly could have encountered the same group. >> i didn't see a whole lot of security, maybe they need to step up security. >> reporter: these teenagers say they've been reading tweets about a possible fight for nearly a week now. >> i just think that it's really sad for our young people to feel like they have to act out in public. >> reporter: easter monday is a traditional
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family day for african-americans, a festival that started more than 100 years ago when blacks were not allowed to take part in the white house easter egg roll. but this is not the first time violence has tainted this family day. [ sirens ] >> reporter: in 2,000, a man shot someone. many will have their own wounds that they need healing. >> how do they expect the kids to have fun when all of this stuff is happening. it's just crazy. >> reporter: a zoo spokesperson would not go on camera to tell us more about this situation. when we asked them about security on this day, a day that has had some trouble in the past, they would only tell us that they would give us more information tomorrow. police are asking if anyone who
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has information on the fight to give them a call. derek. >> delia gongalves, we thank you. well, now to the beating of a many woman in a baltimore area mcdonald's. the tape shot by an employee has now gone viral and it shows workers and customers just standing there as a transgender woman is repeatedly attacked by two teenagers. gary nurenberg covered a rally in the parking lot this evening. >> reporter: it was a vicious assault on one girl. three separate assaults by two teenage girls with a store manager yelling to stop but no one stepping in to stop it. >> i was going to use the bathroom. i come back out and i had two girls spit in my face. one of them spit in my face. they were kicking me in my face, my back. >> reporter: the 22-year-old was born a man, lives as a woman. a potential reason for the attack. >> this is a vigil against violence. >> reporter: members of the transgender community rallied in the parking lot. >> we are a community of human
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beings. >> yes. >> okay. we are your mothers, your fathers, your sisters, your aunts, your neighbors. >> reporter: they paid special attention to vickie toms. see her in white. she is the woman that stepped in when no one else did to help her and paid for it. >> all i did was ask them to get off of her. get off of there. they wouldn't get off of her. and i sort of body held her away and then she screamed at me it's none of your f'ing business and purged me in the face. >> reporter: she ended up on the floor and had a seizure. vickie toms is angry employees and others didn't help. >> she would have said you're crazy but she would have done the same. >> reporter: and she would have been proud? >> yes. >> reporter: one of the teenagers is being held with an assault. >> the tape was shot by a
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mcdonald's employee who could be heard laughing while he recorded it. mcdonald's has fired him and is deciding what to do with other crew members. derek and anita. >> thanks, gary. new at 11:00, an undercover operation ends with bullets flying. that is down in dumfries, virginia. this all happens right near dumfries road and i95. the agents were moving in to arrest the subject when the person tried to get away in a car. they say he even tried to run over a federal officer forcing them to open fire on him. the man was hid and taken to the hospital. we don't know what his injuries are. tonight a virginia family is honoring the life of a fallen marine. sergeant shawn callahan died in afghanistan while supporting operation enduring freedom. the 23-year-old was killed on april 23rd rd during combat. the u.s. government urging
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americans to get out of syria. they rally against that country's president. yesterday seer yin forces killed about 25 people. the state department is also reducing its diplomat i can presence in syria. a larger than life sendoff for a larger than life political figure. former governor william donald schaefer tomorrow folks will have another opportunity to pay the respect to the late mayor of baltimore. his body will lie in repose at baltimore city hall. today police motorcycles escorted the hearse. earlier his body lay in repose in a flag-draped coffin. hundreds of people came out to remember an outspoken maryland original. >> whatever he had to say, he said without any problems at all. >> the best mayor on earth whoever lived. >> the funeral services are set for wednesday morning at the old
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st. paul's church in baltimore. well, tonight teenagers at battlefield high have to deal with another teenager's desk. savannah moratitis died on the hospital back on friday. she was in the car with the four other teenagers when it crashed last wednesday. two other girls and an 18-year-old man suffered serious injuries but they survived. 15-year-old kendall tucker died at the scene. >> she was really close with kendra. she was best friend. >> a lot of my friends are upset. one girl was crying today at school. >> there were a lot of people crying. it was really sad. >> she was the fourth student from this high school that died while driving along this road this year. the director of transportation says they will now be making some changes to that stretch of road, perhaps cutting out some of the dangerous hills. but that won't be done until the
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fall of 2012. you can follow this next story under ironic. a drunk driver slammed into two buildings in frederick. here is the thing, the license plate says driver sober. the accident happened just before 4:00 a.m. today. thankfully nobody hurt. but they did arrest the 22-year-old driver and charged him with dui. >> kind of unusual to wreck right here. i don't quite understand how the dui could miss down here when the road is straight. but it just goes to show you don't drink and drive. >> now, police say the building is safe to work in. the landlord says there is significant damage to both the exterior and interior surfaces. tonight the montgomery county school board announced its pick for a new superintendent. dr. joshua star. he served in stanford connecticut for the past six
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years. they still need state approval. jerry weiss is stepping down wrapping up 12 years of service in that post. new tonight, california same sex marriage ban say they have a case against last year's ruling that declared proposition eight unconstitutional. the group says the federal judge who heard the historic case should have recused himself because he's gay. the judge struck down proposition eight last summer concluding that it violates the federal constitution right of same sex couple. he did not reveal to anyone he was gay until right before he retired back in february. still ahead tonight, adults with a fatal addiction to video games. >> we're having people killing others and themselves. >> one woman admits her baby drowned while she was gaming. >> they're killing careers. they're killing families. >> trapped in the games. that is coming up. after temperatures today, boy, is it nice outside tonight. as you're waking up tomorrow for your tuesday morning, we're
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talking about temperatures in the 60s once again. already in the mid 70s for some locations by 9:00 a.m. we do need 20
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apparently unaware. that's what the commander of special operations for dc police is saying about charlie sheen's escort. the commander demands details about the escort given to sheen from dulles airport to constitution hall where he was performing. he wants to know how it was approved and other logistics. sheen posted on twitter last tuesday night that he has received an escort and included a picture of a speedometer registering about 80 miles an hour. the police chief has said several policies appear to have been violated. . well, video games used to be known as child's play, but now more and more adults are hooked. and hooked to the point that they are sacrificing their jobs, their families, their friends.
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in fact, they are gaming addicts. janet and don hunt almost divorced because of his addiction to video games. >> sometimes he could play up to 20 hours straight. it was real lonely and it felt like i was like a widow. >> it's just total emergent end of the game as your reality. >> ryan van cleeve, says more and more adults are becoming consumed by gaming. >> they're killing careers, families, relationships, health. and literally now we're having people killing others and themselves over video games. >> police removed six children from the home of a mother in pennsylvania after finding them living in filth and animal waste. the kids stepfather says the mom was too addicted to games to care for the children. a denver mother admitted she was playing an online facebook game when her 1-year-old son drowned
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in the bathtub. and in ohio, a teenager was convicted of murdering his mother and wounding his dads because they took away his halo game. >> i've even heard of people they don't want to leave the computer so much that they take every meal at the computer and then they wear diapers so that they don't even have to go to the bathroom. >> doug, an associate professor of psychology, says because video game addiction is not a recognized diagnosis, help can be difficult to find. >> you probably need to find a character who is used to dealing people with impulse control disorders or with substance abuse disorders. >> don sought help and life is good. janet says she has her best friend back. >> well, according to the experts, here is a few signs that you could be a gaming addict. if you lie about how much time you spend playing games or you feel like you need to spend more and more time playing the games just to get that same little enjoyment, that charge that you like so much. turning now to some breaking
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news, dc metropolitan police have just announced the arrest of a 16-year-old in the stabbing at the national zoo that led the newscast. he has been charged with assault with intent to kill. an arrest in the stabbing today at the national zoo. meantime, making the rounds on the internet, the men and women of marine squad ron 266 in afghanistan, they are lip sinking to the new britney spears song hold it against me. brittany herself has apparently given this two thumbs up. take a look. ♪ hey, over there ♪ please forgive me if i'm coming on too strong ♪ ♪ hate to stare ♪ play my favorite song ♪ so come here ♪ a little closer mud ♪ want to whisper in your ear ♪ . [ laughing ] >> got to love the look.
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you can look at the whole video and post your comments. more than 30,000 kids from all over the country had an extra special easter monday. you know what they were doing. they were spending the day at the white house for the annual easter egg roll. >> the annual tradition dates all the way back to 1878. this year michelle obama read a story to the game. there was the egg roll. there were also musical performances. healthy cooking demonstrations and a game of basketball all going along with the first lady's plan to get kids more healthy. >> nice day for that today. >> absolutely. >> they were probably sweating. >> i'm glad they did it earlier in the day versus later. because, boy, did it get warm. i would say even hot, warmy, humid. tonight and tomorrow morning it will be a mild start once again. we do need to talk about the chance for some thunderstorms once again. so don't let the warm
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temperatures fool you. speaking of some severe weather, look at this. storm chasers catch a dramatic video of a tornado in texas. this is yesterday. multi-vordic tornadoes are some of the more destructions out there. you can see that amazing video. it's a very active, active, even day out in parts of eastern texas tonight where we do see some severe weather going through, including some tornadoes. okay. in our area, boy, today nothing like that. it was a very warm day. hot for some folks. in the 90s for some locations in dc. low to mid 80s. right now 70 degrees outside. 75 at andrews air force base. fredericksburg, you're at 78 degrees at this hour. and leesburg 79 degrees. so a very mild, even warm night for some folks tonight and not a whole lot of cooling is expected. we're expecting a chance for some showers tonight. still some thunderstorms. otherwise mostly cloudy and
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mild. lows will be around 60. now, here is the national picture. again, look at eastern texas, louisiana, and also parts of tennessee. we are seeing some severe weather. thunderstorms, tornadoes all taking place earlier. and our area right now we're good. tomorrow, though, and especially into wednesday, things could change where we have a bigger chance for some thunderstorms. all right. so dry and mild for your tuesday morning commute. that looks good. in the afternoon, showers and thunderstorms are possible and wednesday we have a slight chance for some severe storms possible in the area and by thursday and fry it will be a lot cooler. the 80s not lasting forever. okay. so our future cast, here is what it looks like. it pauses tomorrow morning. no problems coming in for the morning commute. driving to work. driving to school. in the afternoon, again, we're looking okay. but later we have a chance for some spotty showers maybe tuesday night. right around 8:00 tomorrow. again, isolated in nature out towards the bay as well. maybe you can see some thunderstorms as well with this.
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wednesday morning again chance for showers again throughout the day and evening hours and wednesday there is a better chance where we have a slight risk for some of the thunderstorms if we see them to become severe. and then you can see we'll start to clear out, though, by friday and saturday. for tuesday morning, partly sunny and mild. no worries about showers. temperatures starting in the mid 60s. look for south winds at 10-15 miles per hour. by the afternoon, pretty nice day. sun and some clouds. a slight chance for some thunderstorms again and isolated showers. highs will be around 80 degrees. look for south winds 10-15 miles per hour. highs for tomorrow, generally low 80s around dc. fredericksburg 82 degrees. 82 in frederick and 79 degrees in gaithersburg. here is your next three days, another warm day tomorrow. p.m. afternoon showers. thunderstorms possible. wednesday breezy, still 80. thunderstorms and showers through thursday. thursday cooler into the lower 70s. here is the seven day out look. much cooler on friday and then
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we go back up in temperatures by the weekend. saturday looks good and then on sunday i think we can see some showers and thunderstorms come back into the area. >> a little bit of a course correction there. >> yes. >> thanks a lot, annie. >> sure. nfl fans rejoice or not quite yet? >> i think you should temper your rejoicing. the lockout is technically over for now. but for how long? the nfl reopens its doors, but will they be slam shut again tomorrow. plus karl hobs fired on his boss's sixth day of work. and dan snyder can't leave wo
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it's time for 9 sports with brett haber, the best sports in town. >> two groups of people are busy around the nfl tonight. lawyers and locksmiths. the lawyers filing briefs and appeals. the locksmiths scurrying to open 32 doors that have been sealed
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shut for the past seven weeks. earlier tonight judge susan nelson granting the player's request for a junction to end the lock outwhich technically means tomorrow morning when facilities open for business, the players can go in and work out. of course, it's not clear if the teams will allow them in because the owners are appealing the judge's ruling. the league issuing the statement "we will promptly seek a stay from the judge pending an expedited appeal to the 8th circuit court. we can reach a farrah agreement only if we -- fair agreement only if we achieve negotiations towards that goal". but that was not the only statement made tonight. daniel schneider has reopened the can of words with his libel lawsuit by writing an op ed that is online now and will appear in tomorrow's washington post. the piece is entitled why i'm
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suing washington city paper and this time he leaves out the claims of anti-semitism and the references on his wife and hones in on hundred statement in the city paper article that claims that he, snyder, got caught forging names during his time at snyder communication. said snyder "i honor vigorous expression in the media, but even a public figure can sue for defamation when they put fact, not opinion, that they know to be false or recklessly disregards. the truth. the truth ytion "". snyder -- the truth". the paper was charged with forging signatures. did he personally forge the signatures with his own hand, probably not? but the executives are
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responsible. he owned it, he oversaw it. he and they got caught. the city paper is right. snyder is misleading again. you can check out the op ed for yourself on our website we will have more about it tomorrow. moving on, patrick nero has been on the job as george washington's athletic director for six days. so much for easing into the gig. he fired gw basketball coach hobs today. he led the colonials for ten seasons and got them as high as the national rankings but the program has struggled lately. a national search is under way to replace hobbs. nats plan a makeup game in pittsburgh tonight and two men on for adam laroche. up the middle as they reach around to score. nats lead 2-0. but after a half an hour rain delay, they came back and were, pardon the expression, all wet.
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bran dune wood with the gaper. they -- brandon wood with the gaper. they beat the nets 4-2. sometimes the most dangerous part of the game is the warmup. this is in germany. in the noggin. and he must have gotten hit right in his equilibrium center because he went down like he was in a jerry lewis routine. >> it look like he could have taken out a teammate. >> if you were bowling, he might have picked up the spare. he was fine. more on the snyder op ed. i encourage everyone to read it themselves so we can talk about it as


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